Champions for Change

The Brief

Champions for Change is a UK disease awareness initiative from AbbVie that has the principal aim of raising awareness of hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) and the key issues relating to the management of the condition. HS is a chronic skin disease characterised by inflamed areas typically located around the armpits, groin, on the buttocks and under the breasts. A number of physical symptoms are associated with HS — namely, nodules and/or abscesses, sinus tracts and scarring. These symptoms make it a painful disease and impact the lives of patients with HS. There is currently no cure.

AbbVie wanted to create a film as part of a wider campaign to raise awareness around the condition. The film’s purpose was to both support and empower patients.

The Idea

As in most cases, prior to filming we interviewed our participant in the film. When we spoke to Ceri, the patient featured in the film, we discovered she was a keen burlesque dancer and did it as a hobby. We needed to bring the patient’s story to life , as soon as we we found out that she liked to dance we felt that it was the perfect setting for the film. We wanted to highlight the confidence she showed dancing and how she used it as a tool to combat the challenges of the disease.

This project was the perfect opportunity to create a film that broke the mould of a typical healthcare patient testimonial. We strongly drew on our experience in fashion to make something bold and unique.

The Results

We delivered the creative idea for the film and the film production and post.

We have been told that we “blew the brief out of the water” and produced an exceptional piece of content that has been received extremely well within AbbVie.


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