Girls, Girls, Girls - Music Video

The Brief

Blonde was asked to produce this video in 2012 for Annabel Jones (formerly known as Bluebell) daughter of Davy Jones from the Monkees. We had complete creative control over this music video however the turn around time was tight and we only had Bluebell and our ‘girl’ for one day.

The Idea

The great thing about music videos is they give you the opportunity to explore new avenues and for this project we decided to try something we’d not done before.

We had wanted to try stop frame filming for a very long time and we felt this technique would suit the rhythm of the music. Inspired by the song we wanted to engulf the artist in a tormenting, explosive and sensual virtual world. To achieve this we filmed her and an actress in a studio and the rest was done in post-production.

We shot at 12 frames a second, shooting actual 5K photographs in both landscape and portrait using a stills camera. This gave us the freedom in post to create a multitude of shot moves and positions. The shoot produced over 12,000 still images, which were skilfully edited together then composited with a multitude of video footage and textures.

The Results

A highly stylised film with lots of beautifully composited animation. A film that pushed the boundaries of what it means to film with a DSLR.


Music Lovers
Male & Female
Gen Z, Millennials

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