Straight8 Shootout – Cannes 2017

The Chef's Heir - Short Film

The Brief

Straight8 Ad Agency Industry Shootout.
25 companies entered, only 19 finalists survived.

The Rules:

The Straight 8 industry shootout is a global industry battle – a company to company showdown – to produce the best film on one super 8mm cartridge, without editing or post-production according to straight 8’s strict rules. The original sound score created ‘blind’. There’s no creative brief, and anything could happen.

All filmmakers saw their films for the first time at the Worldwide Premiere in Cannes at the Cinema Les Arcades, 23rd June 2017.

The Idea

We decided to challenge ourselves by creating a traditional linear story shot chronologically in multiple locations over the course of one day, without the ability to fix all of the mistakes in post-production.

Our story was that of André Boule, a young chef from a famous French culinary dynasty, battling with his senses to reclaim his ‘flavour’ and save his family name from ruin.

The Chef’s Heir is an absurdist comedy, a story of hope and destiny, betrayal and reckoning, one man’s quest for the truth and a journey of epic proportions.

“He who fears suffering is already suffering that which he fears!”

The Results

Blonde turned out bronzed at this year’s Straight8, and we don’t mean because we forgot the sun cream.
Although gold was our preferred colour, scooping a slightly darker shade at our first attempt was no mean feat.
We pitted ourselves against the world’s advertising industry’s finest companies, including the likes of Droga5, Adam&EveDDB & WCRS to name a few.

With the rise of digital, seeing actual celluloid film on the big screen is a joy not experienced often. To see our film for the first time, on the big screen, in front of a large audience, comprised mainly of strangers, is an even rarer experience. But to be nominated, by our fellow shootout competitors, for third place really topped off a remarkable trip to Cannes.

Hopefully next year we can win it, watch this space!



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