Corporate Videos and Brand Films

Blonde have been creating engaging Corporate films for the past ten years.

We think internal and external communication tools can be inspiring and innovative. We love to push ourselves and surpass industry standards, whether in terms of production values or the creative potential of say, animation or motion graphics.

What our clients love is how we excel in what we deliver, consistently going above and beyond. We believe that communication is key, as is producing the highest quality work – on brand, on message and on time. We use the very latest technology, shooting with high spec cameras and regularly use commercials directors and DOPs.

Brand Films

We love creating films and have done for worldwide brands. Our clients range from the automotive industry, retail and consumer brands to financial services and B2B start-ups.

The best films come from the best ideas, and we’re with you from ideation to the finished film. A unique and compelling visual experience for your chosen audience is what we strive for, with every project. Here at Blonde, we go beyond – call us perfectionists.

Documentaries and Drama

Blonde has produced a wide range of documentary and drama films for corporate purposes. Our clients include charities, government initiatives, pharmaceutical companies and international organisations.

We’re as comfortable filming in a London studio as we are weaving our way through the backstreets of Bangkok. We can produce documentary films on any area or issue – this style of film-making can be a great way of portraying an authentic emotive message to your desired audience.

Our directors are used to telling stories in sensitive situations. Docu-drama film is also a way of telling real life stories with the help of actors when it is not possible or advisable to use the real person or people. We have made many such films for the pharmaceutical industry and found them to be very effective.


Here at Blonde we have an exciting roster of multi-talented directors who have produced exceptional film content for leading brands and agencies around the world. The best films come from the best ideas, which is why we work with directors who also happen to be amazing ideas people.

View corporate films we have made

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