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The Brief

Cement e2save as the destination for cheap mobile phone deals, proving that low-mid tier handsets can perform just as well as flagships, for less money per month.

The Idea

With all the money you’ll save on your phone bill every month, you’ll be able to spend it on something you want.

To raise brand awareness, we wrote and produced three commercials that were seeded out through social channels and also supported wider digital activity, promoting content and important deals. It was important that the commercials had an element of quirkiness and surreal humour which exaggerate e2save’s tone of voice.

The commercials quickly engage the audience with a humorous scenario, whereby the central character is financially better off as a direct result of having purchased a contract/phone from e2save. This allows the character to spend their money on other things that they want. Each film begins with an opening line which unfolds to be a play on words.

The Results

While we await the sales data from e2save, these commercials reflect fully our ethos of quality, speed & value.

As we were the creative agency and production outfit for the campaign, we were able to work at great speed and within an incredibly tight timeframe, where we only had one day to shoot all three films and a further 5 days to edit, grade, mix and deliver.

We were able to work at this speed and for this cost because Dixons Carphone gave us a vast amount of creative freedom, but they could only do that because we were in constant communication with them at every stage of the process.


Male & Female
Urban, Suburban, Rural
ABC1&2 + D
Gen X

Blonde Services

Creative Idea for the Films
Film Production
Online Branded Video Content Creation
Video content for social channels

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