Doug Newman

Founder / CEO / Creative Partner

My role

I’m the Blonde responsible for the overall growth, development and marketing of the company. In my fifteen years in the industry I’ve seen video content become the commercial force it is today, together with the indomitable rise of the internet. And still, film remains the leading tool for brand awareness and consumer engagement. In a nutshell, my role at Blonde is harnessing the power of film to meet the growing needs of the marketplace.

Day to day I make sure all our creative output meets Blonde’s high standards. I want to continue to build on our success, growing us into one of the leading content creation agencies not just in the UK but in Europe and beyond.

My roots

I did my architecture degree in 2002 and promptly abandoned any notion of becoming an architect to pursue my love of film. I hit the Big Smoke and got a job in a post-production facility. I became an editor, then in 2005 I was working as an assistant on TV commercials and feature films, one of which scooped a BAFTA.

Wanting to branch out, I went freelance and was lucky enough to continue working on more award winning films, including a self-funded project that won Best Documentary at the Portobello Film Festival. I’ve edited no less than seven BBC hour-long documentaries, one receiving a highly coveted EMMY award.

During my editing career I managed to cut my teeth on everything really feature films, documentaries, music videos, TV commercials, promos, live events, corporate films and the list goes on. Around 2008 I wanted to do something different and had the experience and Blonde ambition to do so. Benjamin and I set up Blonde as way of taking greater control of our careers, moving into producing and directing films, as well as editing them. Being simple blokes at heart, we wanted to offer clients what we felt was lacking – a straight-forward approach that’s high quality and creative – no compromises.

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