The Brief

Durex’s new campaign #Orgasmsforall highlights that over two-thirds of women don’t always orgasm when they have sex. Durex want everyone to have earth shattering orgasms, every time. The brief was to create some PR for this campaign. We were asked to create a film of a faux protest march across London.

The Idea

Durex were looking to host a fun faux protest march across London to launch Durex’s new #OrgasmsForAll campaign, with a crowd of rowdy men and women, who want orgasm equality.  We helped VirgoHealth (Durex’s Comms Agency) to turn this event into a bonafide ‘fake news’ story, sending trusty reporter Richard “Dickie” Armour out to scoop the headline.  To add to the authenticity of our ‘fake news’, we also shot three short films on an iPhone, for our protesters to share with the wider #OrgasmsForAll community.

The Results

Daily Star Online (15,554,174 MUU) includes the OFA march video and research in an article titled: Britain’s worst lovers live HERE: Men in this area can’t make women orgasm
The Daily Star also Tweeted the article to their 168,000 followers.

Express Online (30,917,679 MUU) includes the OFA march video and research in an article titled: Sex news – are men REALLY the most selfish in bed?
The Daily Express also Tweeted the article to their 643,000 followers.


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