Healthcare Video Production – Using Film to Creatively Communicate Your Message

At Blonde we know how telling a story through film can enhance and reinforce a brand’s message and, crucially, it’s offering. We are healthcare video production experts; whether your audience is the general public, patients, scientists, HCPs, other businesses, your staff or future employees, we can craft a film that will get your brand messages across to them.
Regardless of what experience you have working with video production, our workflow is transparent and collaborative through the whole film-making process, from the first concept to final cut. Our team of experienced, industry-leading creatives, film producers, editors and post-production specialists can help you translate your communications objectives into a film that always delivers on the brief and engages your audience.
From creative to delivery, we can handle everything; however, if you already have a creative idea and a script, we are well suited to come on board purely as your production partner. We have a team of dedicated producers and an in-house post-production facility. If you do require a bit of creative flair, our award-winning writers and directors can provide you with the resources as and when needed.

Over the past decade, we have worked with healthcare communication agencies, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies on a variety of projects such as:
Patient Testimonial Films
Healthcare Product Promotional Films
Medical Consumer Videos
Instructional Film for Healthcare Professionals
Product Demonstration for Patients
External and Internal Corporate Communication Films

We have worked in areas exploring issues such as:
Cancer (in its many guises)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)
and the development of ground-breaking treatments and medicines, medical products.

Understanding strict regulations
We know how to bring creative ideas to life while taking into consideration strict regulations. Making films for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have the potential to be something of a minefield. Quite rightly, pharma and healthcare medical communications are heavily regulated fields, there is a general ban on the promotion of prescription-only medicines to the public, but it’s an area that we understand.
We have experience with working creatively under the ABPI code (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), the PAGB (Proprietary Association of Great Britain) code and not forgetting the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and are aware of the limitations that they can present.

How do we make our films?
But making compelling and enlightening films is far from being all about compliance with regulation, essential though that is. What we at Blonde enjoy doing is finding out about your brand, your customers, your patients and discovering who you want to communicate to and why. Once we have that information, then we’ll find creative ways to tell your story.

Keeping it lean doesn’t necessarily reflect the final output
We understand that for some projects, budgets can be tight, we never let that get in the way of a good creative solution. Once we know the financial parameters we have to play with we embrace the challenges striving to find innovative ways of keeping the production budget lean whilst not compromising on our creative values.

Sensitive material
We’re well versed in working on challenging projects, such as films that feature patients on camera discussing personal challenges they face. We put a lot of effort into making them feel at ease, always respecting confidentiality.

Art of the story
For us, storytelling is crucial when it comes to film-making. It’s important that the film looks and sounds good, even beautiful, but it’s the narrative that will engage your audience and deliver your message. And in doing that our key driver is making sure our content is always cutting edge, to ensure it engages with your target audience, whether they’re health professionals or health consumers.

One thing we love doing is telling a story from the point of view of healthcare consumers, we pride ourselves on a human centric approach, always striving to stimulate a positive emotional response to generate memorability in the audience. We’ve worked extensively in turning real-life patient testimonials into promotional films. This is a great way to emphasise the fact that ultimately, it’s the patient experience that’s central to the healthcare industry’s success. We see the use of patient stories as one of the most persuasive techniques to illustrate the ethics, strengths and focus of any healthcare or pharmaceutical brand.

Next steps
Now that we’ve explained our approach to making healthcare films, why not find out for yourself what Blonde can achieve for you. Please take a look at some of the examples of our work below.

If you’ve seen enough and would rather talk to us directly, please get in touch all our contact details can be found here, we’d love to chat to you about your next project!

View a selection of our healthcare case studies

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