The Changing HIV Story

Brand: Janssen
Agency: Edelman
Creative film treatment: Blonde
Film Production & Post-Production: Blonde

The Brief

The aim of the project was to show personal stories from people living with HIV, touching on how they felt at the time of diagnosis compared to how they feel now. Our brief was to try and capture the human stories behind the challenges that the theu faced and to convey this in an engaging and emotive way.

One of the interviewees was Jonathan Blake, one of the first people to be diagnosed with HIV in the UK.

The Idea

The film’s purpose was to allow the participants to tell their stories, these stories touch upon very serious and personal issues and because of this we decided to use a lens that would purposefully distort and blur part of the imagery to give a very introspective feel. To further enhance this we used high speed filming to slow the imagery down in post-production. The aesthetic lent itself very well to their stories.

The Results

We delivered the creative idea for the film, film production & post-production.

The film was was aired at the European Aids Conference in October 2017, in front of an audience including some of the world’s leading scientists, it was incredibly well received.


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