Land Rover

Financial Adventurer

The Brief

To film the three finance options available when purchasing a Land Rover, all of which unleash the adventure of the outdoors.

The Idea

From Business Suit to Bear Grylls before your very eyes. This was the original idea from the creatives at M&C Saatchi. We thought it would be fun to build the office in a studio, then transport it to the countryside and make the walls fall down. Our presenter, the Financial Adventurer, seamlessly moves from his interior office location to a glorious exterior of the British countryside, freed by the finance available to him and to all. It’s a great reveal.

The Results

Clear and concise information relayed, with a Hollywood reveal complete with CGI bushes, completed within 2 shoot days and a total 14 days in post.


Male & Female
Urban, Suburban, Rural
Gen X, Boomers

Blonde Services

Film Production
Online Branded Video Content Creation

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