Matthias Lebeer


Matthias is an award-winning London based Belgian director. He graduated from Prague’s FAMU, one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed film schools. His graduation film, Brod Ludaka, was shortlisted for an Oscar.

Matthias’ unique talent is his ability to deliver visual storytelling and character-driven pieces, whilst controlling each step of the creative process with his detailed and unique eye. His food and macro work is outstanding. He has directed many TV commercials for brands including, Barclays, Braun, Gillette, Nespresso and Star Alliance plus content for car brands such as McLaren and Nissan.

He has won the Cannes Gold Lion for two years in a row for “Best use of Branded Content” for his work on Nissan’s GT Academy.

More work from Matthias Lebeer
Matthias Lebeer – Main Showreel
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Braun Bodycruzer
Enel Power 50th Anniversary
Lidl Bake Off
Phillips Hue Lux
Good Baby With Love
Vandemoortele Oil
McLaren Jenson Button
The Coyote Stunt
GT Academy 2013 Teaser
Theme Park – Car Teaser
Theme Park – Pulsar
Sir Yes Sir Longing Good Taste (Music Video)

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