Demi's Story

The Brief

Novartis Oncology wanted to raise awareness and increase the understanding of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)* to improve patient outcomes. The target audience was internal Novartis stakeholders and Health Care Practitioners (HCP).

Blonde were commissioned to create a compelling piece of creative that would explore the human story of the disease.

*Lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer death worldwide in both men and women and 80-85%** of lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

**American Cancer Society. Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell Detailed Guide 2014.

The Idea

Our primary aim was to create the antithesis of the usual, straightforward patient testimonial for stakeholders. We wanted to make a thought-provoking exploration of NSCLC from a very personal perspective.

Our idea was to produce an emotive and beautifully crafted short documentary that would transcend the original brief and reach out to everyone that watched it, not just the intended target audience.

Enter Demi, someone who has NSCLC and one of the most courageous people we have ever had the privilege of meeting. During our initial conversations with her, we discussed our desire to make a piece that focuses on themes rather than just presenting a person. This approach helped Demi feel more at ease during the whole project and gave her the courage to open up, more than she thought she ever would.

We wanted Demi to become a personification of something more profound to encourage empathy and introspection on the part of the viewer, with the aim of having a lasting affect. We wanted to present the opportunities Demi’s treatment has given her; the ‘moments and memories’ and a vivid appreciation of the here and now. We felt this was much more relevant, compelling, informative and universal than focusing simply on the plain facts of her disease. Her testimony encourages empathy because of her appreciation for these ‘simple’ things that many of us take for granted.

The Results

Screened in 38 European countries as well as the US, our film has been widely seen and praised both inside and outside the healthcare industry, helping to raise the importance of discussing Lung Cancer.

We believe that Demi’s stoicism and ability to articulate complex ideas has given us the opportunity to create something that is altogether more powerful than a simple case study of her life, a film that emotes, inspires and informs.

The film won two much-coveted Silvers at the
IPA Best of Health Awards.

IPA Best of Health Awards 2016 Winners – Best Business to Business film
IPA Best of Health Awards 2016 Winners – Excellence in Cinematography


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