Let’s Talk ADPKD

The Brief

Provide people living with ADPKD tools to help them cope with their condition, offering practical advice to assist them in adopting and maintaining a positive mentality.

The Idea

When faced with difficult news, there is nothing more comforting than sitting down with friends and simply talking everything through. Sometimes, that is all it takes, to help people face the unknown.

We produced 3 x films thanks to the help of three very brave and honest people, who live with ADPKD, to offer help and support to others.  To help them feel at ease, the look and feel of the final films would be driven by the setting of this informal conversation. In order to portray a positive and supportive tone, a warm and welcoming location with plenty of natural light was paramount, to help the volunteers feel as comfortable as possible during the filming, to capture the most authentic and honest discussion as possible.

The Results

Three films, shot in one day, edited over two weeks, which sit at the centre of a well-used support website which has supported thousands of people through very difficult times.


Healthcare Practitioners

Blonde Services

Film Production
Online Video Content

"Thanks again for a really productive session yesterday. We were really happy with how it turned out and we have had nothing but positive feedback”. Daniel North Account Manager Virgo Health
Daniel North Account Manager Virgo Health
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