Editing, Motion-Graphics, Compositing and Grading

Blonde have edited numerous videos for a wide range of leading brands.

We are highly experienced in post-production; we have our own in-house post team and facilities allowing us to keep control of all our production projects from conception to completion. We can work to the tightest deadline and deliver in any format or resolution.

We are well versed in creating stunning film content across many genres, languages and channels. We always ensure that you get exactly what you need and that all deliverables are outputted & supplied correctly for the intended platform.

Our editing team works with directors and producers to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of each film follows the original brief and strategy. We oversee all editing, motion graphics, compositing, grading, voiceover recordings, music compositions/selections & sound design to ensure all the individual elements come together to produce the quality required.

We are very happy to work alongside the existing agency and campaign messaging and are well versed in working with existing assets that need re-working for solely post-production based projects.

With our own archive resources we backup all our projects, store them in an off-site library and are able to revisit them as and when needed, years to decades later.

We know what it takes to create that all-important connection. Every piece has to evoke emotion, has to tell a story, to be remembered. Whether it’s branded content or a corporate piece, we’re about taking the viewer on a journey; that’s what we do. And we have a brilliant team of creatives and writers on hand to do it.
Film/Video Production
You can count on Blonde to do it all: sourcing and license locations; pulling together the right crew; casting; rehearsing; managing your shoot.
We’ve hired everything from hot air balloons and lavish 18th century villas, to a full rugby team and a heard of sheep (however not all for the same film), so when we say you can count on us, we mean it!
Motion Graphics & VFX
We regularly create motion-designed projects from animated titles to 100% motion graphic brand films. We can engage audiences with a perfect blend of colours, kinetic typography, images, VO and music. Our VFX experts use state-of-the-art techniques that can add that extra dynamism to your project.
Strategy & Seeding
When your film is intended for the public, we can help you get it in front of people. Your baby is our baby; our networks are here to get your film noticed. Let us help you grow your audience.
We partner with a diverse range of rostered photographers who can work on full photography briefs or complement one of our production projects, shooting campaign material or BTS. We match the perfect talent for the given job each time.
Brands we have worked with

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