Rebecca Gower


Rebecca’s experience and skill set has spanned across various disciplines. All of these have informed her directing style and approach.
Her first professional role was as a camera operator and editor at London Fashion Week during time off at University. At Kingston University she earned a First Class degree in Film Studies.

From there Rebecca ingratiated herself in the world of video game advertising where she climbed the ranks of production, working as an acting producer for some of the biggest video game advertising campaigns. From there she worked as a producer in 3D animation where she produced TV ads and online 3D animations for the likes of Nokia and Microsoft.

Having been involved in various aspects of production, and with an in depth knowledge of the advertising field as well a particularly comprehensive knowledge in post production, Rebecca became an in-house Director for a production company. For three years she worked with a variety of clients such as Red Bull, Samsung, L’Occitane, New Look and Olay.

As a freelance Rebecca has expanded her client list to the likes of Vodafone, Schwarkopf, L’Oreal and Christian Aid among others. These projects range from How Tos, Commercials, Branded Content Campaigns, Web Banners, Youtube Series and various Stills content.

Rebecca knows how to get the most out of a budget and really gets to the crux of the messaging and brand look and feel. She also dabbles in stop motion animation and has worked on a variety of stop motion projects including Instagram product films as well as more narrative based pieces.

In her own time Rebecca enjoys directing and writing Sci-Fi short films, and has enjoyed international awards and recognition at film festivals for her short film ‘Jupiter’s Glare’ and is currently working on two other short films. She is also a keen artist.

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