Reckless Wolf

Lingerie fashion film

The Brief

To produce an original lingerie film with a completely new approach.

The Idea

Reckless Wolf’s brand identity is: raw expression, power, fearlessness. We didn’t want to create something usually connected with woman’s lingerie. Our plan was to weave the classic lingerie style within a ferocious, testosterone-fuelled ice hockey match. The film aimed to empower the models whist maintaining the raw sexuality of the brand’s lingerie style.

To film on ice and to film ice hockey players at speed was our challenge. For most part the camera crew were pushed around on a sled, with Black Magic pocket cameras secured to the players.

The Results

This film was featured in the magazines GQ, Dazed and Confused and Esquire and was hugely popular on popular social networks, which ultimately drove traffic on the Reckless Wolf website and exponentially drove up sales.


Female (& Male)
Urban, Suburban + Rural
Gen X

Blonde Services

Film Production
Online Branded Video Content Creation
Fashion Video Content

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