Restylane – Find Your Light

Blonde was tasked with producing a film which brought to light the brand ethos that Restylane is the prism that helps you bring  individuality to light, and that their unique products help people to reveal their own beauty.

The only content available was a single shot of a model walking out of darkness and into light, provided by Restylane.  The rest of the visual content was to be stock footage, as the film needed to feature multiple locations and a diverse range of people.

We undertook extensive visual research, exploring a number of different visual libraries, to find footage where the model interacted with light in some way.  We then retouched the models faces, to remove any blemishes around the eye area and overlayed this with lens flare and prism effects, to enhance the mood of each image.

The script we developed was then designed as elegant text animations and overlayed onto the footage.

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