Bench to Bedside

The Brief

Create a high-value film to enhance internal appreciation and understanding of the Roche pipeline by building excitement around Roche’s strong future.

*Due to licensing restrictions, we can only show the short version externally. The full version not only shows the patient’s journey (as featured in the film above) but also an intercut journey of a Roche scientist running parallel.

The Idea

Our proposition was: “You never know who you may be helping through your research and development/day-to-day. It could be a person who lives on the other side of the planet – or it could be your neighbour.”

We decided to concentrate on this very human side of the Roche story by producing a short film which focuses on the lives of a scientist and patient. Both characters intrinsically connected to the treatment that one develops and the other requires but their paths never cross.

As each character’s story unfolds, they are juxtaposed to show they are living seemingly similar lives, with the actions of one benefiting the other.

The Results

Great content, delivered fast! A two-day, non-stop highly efficient production across multiple locations.

The film received praise from all of the different departments within Roche and succeeded in highlighting the real importance of the ongoing quest to build a brighter future for everyone.


UK Roche Employees

Blonde Services

Creative treatment for film
Film Production
Short-form documentary
Healthcare video

“Amazing Job, well done. We’re all crying here!” Victoria Bramham Director Virgo Health
Victoria Bramham Director Virgo Health
“HUGE thanks!”

“You guys have exceeded all expectations on this. We absolutely love it. Thank you"
Marketing Team Roche
Marketing Team Roche
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