Everybody In (Full Film)

The Brief

To produce a communications film for Roche that was needed for internal comms and recruitment.
Roche were re-branding and the objective of the film was to engage staff and bring everyone in the company closer together during the process, they wanted to give everyone a sense of purpose and focus.
The film was also used as a marketing tool for recruitment, inspiring people to want to work for Roche.

The Idea

The idea for this film was simple, to create an engaging film capturing the energy and passion of the Roche staff and showcased how much people enjoy working there and the sense of achievement they get from doing so.

The Results

The project was filmed in two days and edited in seven. The film was incredibly well received by Roche, so much so that they commissioned Blonde to make another film shortly afterwards that they used as a companion to this film, the other film was called Bench To Bedside. They are still successfully using this Everybody In film for recruitment.


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