Sharpe Developments

Property Film - 45 Buckingham Road

The Brief

To film a stylish and elegant property film in the space of 48 hours for Sharpe Developments latest project Buckingham Road, in the affluent N1 area of London.

The Idea

The idea was to film a day-to-night journey through the house, showcasing the premium nature of the development in all scenarios. We used a float-cam to do both fluid jib and dolly moves to chronologically take a luxuriously filmic stroll through the property. The film was shot in Super 35 14-bit RAW video to ensure the image quality was excellent throughout.

The Results

The film was very well received and helped the developer secure a quicker sale and higher price for the property than they would have done without it.


UK & Worldwide
Property Buyers
Estate Agents
Male & Female
Gen X, Boomers

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Film Production
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