Film/Video Production

Live Action Film Shoots to Post

Blonde has produced thousands of videos across multiple genres for many leading brands.

We can take care of all your video production requirements, from an intimate face-to-camera piece to an extensive multi-camera production. We’ll take your project through every stage of the process conception, pre-production, shoot, post-production and delivery, as well as motion graphics and VFX work.

The best films come from the best ideas and you can rely on us for some inventive thinking when you need it, whether you have a creative idea that needs a fresh perspective or you’re after original concepts. We have an extensive roster of creative and directors so whatever your project we can provide you with the perfect match for you. We also work with the best production crews and use the latest technology, shooting with high spec cameras for the very finest results.

We have an in-house post facility and oversee all our edits at Blonde. If you require a commercial we also have the experience to help manage the process of clearing your advertisement through Clearcast and AdStream achieving approval without compromising your objectives.

We know what it takes to create that all-important connection. Every piece has to evoke emotion, has to tell a story, to be remembered. Whether it’s branded content or a corporate piece, we’re about taking the viewer on a journey; that’s what we do. And we have a brilliant team of creatives and writers on hand to do it.
Our London HQ has the post facilities we need to ensure all of our projects can be managed by our producers in-house. All the editing, motion-graphics, grading is done here at Blonde. Our roster of editing talent have a wealth of experience and fresh ideas.
Motion Graphics & VFX
We regularly create motion-designed projects from animated titles to 100% motion graphic brand films. We can engage audiences with a perfect blend of colours, kinetic typography, images, VO and music. Our VFX experts use state-of-the-art techniques that can add that extra dynamism to your project.
Strategy & Seeding
When your film is intended for the public, we can help you get it in front of people. Your baby is our baby; our networks are here to get your film noticed. Let us help you grow your audience.
We partner with a diverse range of rostered photographers who can work on full photography briefs or complement one of our production projects, shooting campaign material or BTS. We match the perfect talent for the given job each time.
Brands we have worked with

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