Why blonde?

Blonde roots

Blonde was created by a couple of blondes from Essex with a passion for making films. The year: 2005. The blondes: Doug Newman and Benjamin Dawson.

We started off producing music videos for unsigned bands and making films for small businesses, but soon became in demand from big brands, as well as advertising and media agencies needing support.

We are now a creative shop, with capabilities spanning creative, copywriting, film production, film editing and post-production, motion graphics and animation, content and creative strategy, graphic design, photography and more. We are happy to work with your existing teams or on our own and can offer a perfectly bespoke service to all our clients.

We prefer to build relationships, and we always look to the long term. That said, we are happy to take on ad hoc projects and can provide emergency cover for agency overspill as needed – think of us as the agency’s agency.

We make everything easy for you. From the start, we’ve had a fuss-free/high-quality approach to everything we do. If in doubt, go Blonde.

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