Winston & Daisy

Short Film (Mature content for viewers 15+ only)

The Brief

Winston & Daisy was born from the short film competition Homespun Yarns.

This year’s Competition theme was – fragments. Moments, images and experiences that grow, weave and distort to form narratives.
These fragments were given to entrants in the form of 8 clips. Their task was to creatively interpret them as a basis for a short film idea.
The clips were starting points to be interpreted freely. There was only one rule: to use at least one clip, in some manner. Other than that, it was over to them.

Homespun Yarns is “possibly the single most important advertising industry event established in the last ten years,” according to Jason Stone of David Reviews.

The Idea

The writers and Directors Ben Fallows & Felix Brady came up with the concept of Winston & Daisy.

The idea, Lock Stock meets the Muppets, a typical heist movie with a revenge twist.
A Bonnie and Clyde duo plot and execute a cunning heist on some unsuspecting victims.

The film stars Jason Flemyng as Winston.


The Results

Winston & Daisy was awarded the top prize on the night by audience vote!

Blonde used this short as a first foray into working with puppets and working with Felix and Ben for the first time. Produced on a relative shoestring budget, on two consecutive night shoots. The film was edited at Homespun, the sound was done at Wave, the post was done at Electric Theatre Collective and the grade at Cheat. The quality of the final film is a testament to all those working on it for the love of creativity and a passion for film-making.

Bring on the sequel. Layer Cake meets Sesame Street, maybe…

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