Women of Childbearing Age

Campaign film and creative for UCB

UCB’s mission is to empower and support women of childbearing age with severe chronic diseases to make informed decisions about their healthcare. RuderFinn, UCB’s communications agency asked Blonde to create an inspirational and positive hero film to showcase UCB’s mission and the value it brings to both clinicians and patients.

The film needed to showcase the unique needs of women (both clinical and personal), the importance of proactive family planning discussions, and the cutting-edge research UCB is conducting in collaboration with global leading experts in healthcare, to advance care for these women and to support their physicians. The worldwide reach of UCB’s mission was one of the most crucial aspects of the brief, with participants located in the US, Canada, Europe & Australia.

We needed an idea which would quite literally traverse nations and connect everyone featured with our global audience – a level of familiarity that would help our viewers relate to the messages within the film. We presented several ideas and it was decided that a creative based in The Family Home was the most empowering and on point idea with both the audience and patients.

The film would be located in and around these homes featuring Women of Childbearing Age discussing the preparation required for a new arrival. Preparation not in terms of the physical space, but the preparation these women have to do, in order to make the correct choices about their healthcare.

It is the importance of this preparation, that we wanted to highlight in the film. Preparing women coupled with suitable support to enable informed decisions that are right for them. The style of cinematography in each location had to match seamlessly, interwoven into a consistent and harmonious visual narrative.

We brought cinema into the lives of our audience, choosing to film using super-widescreen anamorphic lenses. Blonde utilised its wealth of global partners to film worldwide in locations including the UK, Sweden, the US, Canada and Australia. All the shoots were live-streamed, produced & directed by Blonde and simultaneously viewed by UCB representatives in both the US and Europe to allow for any immediate feedback. The footage was uploaded to Blonde servers for the post-production process, which began immediately so no time was lost.

The resulting film is a cinematic window into the lives of women who are living with severe chronic decisions, making complex but informed decisions about their healthcare, thanks to UCB’s pioneering research and partnership with clinical teams, as heard through the testimony of leading experts from around the globe. UCB continues to strive to address knowledge gaps in the care of women of childbearing age through the provision of validated evidence and quality disease management tools and we are humbled to be a small part in that bigger picture.

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