Young Minds

Save The Helpline - Commercial

The Brief

To help them save the helpline of Young Minds the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

After budgetary cuts the charity needed a commercial as the helpline is reliant upon donations. We were asked to show how the biggest threat to a child could be within the home i.e. cyber bullying.

The Idea

We wanted to highlight the isolation a child can feel even within a loving family environment. To show this we chronicled the span of a teenage life from birth to early childhood to adolescence. What initially seems like a normal happy childhood can quickly deteriorate into something very difficult.

(We shot each scene both with and without the actors in and intercut them to make it feel like these memories were just one of many with the home environment. The grade slowly transitioned from a very light to very dark and cool with a heavier foreboding vignette to enhance the feeling of this turn of events.)

The Results

Young Minds were extremely happy with the film and thankfully it went a little way to ensuring that the helpline is still going to this day.


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