P1 Dubai - Brand Film

The Brief

To showcase Maclaren’s new hybrid road car, the P1, in the Dubai desert with only one day with the car to get all the shots we needed.

The Idea

To give the viewer an experience of what freedom feels like, while showcasing the car’s exquisite form and function. Close up, macro details of the mechanisms portray the P1’s incredible design as we see the curvature in the body, the wheels and fine finishes.

Shot in the Dubai desert, our challenge was capturing the vehicle moving at speed. Specialist steady rigs were used with a gimbal to allow us to film the car with fluid movement. Our objective was to capture this event in a 30min window, this was a challenge due to the short sunsets. For our aerial shots we used an Octocopter with Red housing to fly our Red Epic camera. The high angle shots helped accentuate the feeling of aloneness and freedom.

The Results

To this day few films have been made specifically showcasing the Maclaren P1. The film was very well received and we had a blast making it!


Urban, Suburban, Rural
Gen Z, Millennials
Gen X, Boomers

Blonde Services

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