Ocean Florida

Stay with Us - TV Commercial

The Brief

To create Ocean Florida’s first ever television commercial.

The Idea

The client wanted us to create something fun, stylish, family friendly and memorable that distinguished them in the industry. The main challenge was to make a commercial that looked premium while delivering on the direct messaging requirements.

Our idea was about every day being once in a lifetime. We see the family having all kinds of fun, packed into one magical vacation. This idea required a lot of planning for the visual effects to work. Each scene was carefully crafted so we were able to use visual effects to transport the family from each location. We shot in eight days and then edited and delivered in four.

The Results

Ocean Florida were incredibly happy with the commercial, they have noticed a marked increase in sales since it aired.


Male & Female
Urban, Suburban, Rural
Gen Z, Millennials
Gen X, Boomers

Blonde Services

Creative Strategy
Film Production
TV Commercial Production
TV Clearance
Distribution to Television Channels
Video content for social channels

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