House of Peroni - Missoni

The Brief

To create a year’s worth of ‘always on’ content, across food, drink & fashion to reflect the expertise, inspiration and style of Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

The Idea

The Italy of today is brimming with creative luminaries who are shaping the Italy of tomorrow.

We collaborated with three influential Italians who are each master of their respective crafts: Margherita Maccapani Missoni was ‘Master of Style’.

Fashion designer and model, Margherita draws on her love of Italy, to immerse our audience in the world of Italian style. She shows us the looks designed to make a statement during the most celebrated Italian rituals. We ask her 25 questions to see what she likes, what she hates and what she knows. We uncover Margherita’s Italian rituals, what inspires her and exposes us to her sense of Italian style.

The Results

We delivered almost 100 films that populated the House of the Peroni website and Peroni’s social channels, reaching a staggering amount of viewers, see below for figures.

If you would like to see more films from this series, click here.


Male & Female
Urban, Suburban

Blonde Services

Film Production
Behind the Scenes Photography
Online Branded Video Content Creation
Instagram Films
Fashion Video Content


Almost 17 million people reached so far…

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