We were asked to produce a 5 person and 4 person panel discussion in the style of a TV chat show, hosted by Dr Shireen, a well-known influencer on social media and GP, in order to educate and empower the parenting community about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and real-life implications of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) caused by the virus.

Location was key, in order to fulfil the look and feel of a premium daytime TV chat show as the budget did not allow for an extensive prop list.  Our location had to come fully furnished, so our Art Directors could move things about to create our look!

Two episodes were filmed over a single day utilising a six camera set-up, alongside BTS clips for social channels.  The videos from the RSVP to RSV Q&A Series were then hosted on the Together Against RSV campaign website for members of the public, media, HCPs and PAGs to watch.  The BTS clips were shared on Dr Shireen’s social channels and Netmums, to drive traffic to the website.

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